Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Think ahead for Mom

I'm not dead...just busy. Being busy is good, it means I'm making money (or doing interesting things), and that means I can keep blogging.

Meantime, a quickie. I just got a press release urging me to remind my readers that Father's Day is coming and that ties suck, so buy Dad a bottle of nice booze.

I say, Mother's Day comes in just two weeks, and doesn't she need a drink too? I know Cathy likes a good peaty Islay whisky, or a brisk New Zealand sauvignon blanc, or (her fave) a case of IPAs. It doesn't have to come from the kids; all you dads out there owe a lot to the mothers of your children. So get to a liquor store and find her something nice. Who knows, she may let you have some too!

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Russ said...

I started doing that for my grandmas a couple years ago. They're both in their eighties and don't really need any more nick-nacky crap, but a nice bottle of gin or wine is always appreciated.

Also, I can vouch that Lew was definitely alive and well as of Friday. Great job with WhiskyFest Chicago! It was my first but certainly won't be my last...