Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mt. Washington: Wow.

We're on vacation, and I'm just taking a moment before checking out of our hotel this morning to tell you that we drove up the Mt. Washington Auto Road yesterday. Phenomenal. Just an incredible view (that's Thomas looking down on it all), and an awesome road -- the Passat took it in stride, no over-heating, hardly used the brakes on the way down -- and a great brewpub meal after we got down at the Moat Mountain Smokehouse and Brewery in North Conway, NH. Whew. Gotta go get one more great diner breakfast at the Littleton Diner. More when I get a moment.


Anonymous said...

You may want to check out Baliwicks, the new restaurant under Thayers next time you're in Littleton. It's a welcome treat!

bill mc said...

Moat Mtn was outstanding when I was there a few weeks ago...glad you liked it! The beer in NH is really very good.

Bill said...

I grew up in North Conway -- a couple of years back, I returned for the first time in 13-odd years for my 20th high school reunion. I really liked Moat Moutain's brews. Also liked that Horsefeathers restaurant was predominantly stocked with local brews on tap, and every place I ventured to had a good selection of New England brews (if not necessarily NH brews).

Lew Bryson said...

Didn't get a chance to get to Bailiwick's: looked nice. Our timing was not great for Littleton, we rolled in too late on Friday for anything (had dinner in St. Johnsbury; not bad, not great), and got back from Mt Washington still pretty full from Moat Mountain. The wine bar down the street looked good, too: outdoor seating with flaming torches.

Moat Mountain beers were good, with some exceptions. More on that in a separate post.

Horsefeathers, eh? Missed that one. We were actually disappointed with the beer selection in three of the places we stopped (which is how we wound up at Moat Mt.). NH seems -- to me -- to lag behind the rest of New England on beer. Think that's fair?

Bill said...

"NH seems -- to me -- to lag behind the rest of New England on beer. Think that's fair?"

Got me -- I left 22 years ago, and hadn't visited for years. The Mt. Washington Valley caters to tourists -- you've got about 15,000 folks actually living in the Conways, Bartlett, and so on. But nevertheless, there's Moat Mt., Tuckerman's Brewing, at least one other Carroll County brewer, and the usual suspects from ME, MA, and VT at various places, at least from what I saw in a three day weekend.

I think Horsefeathers has a five-brew local sampler, so there's at least five locals on tap!

Loren said...

Moat Mtn is eh one day and WOW! the next, regarding the beers. When visiting that area try opting to take the scenic road East to Naples, ME and hitting up Bray's brewpub. Truly a unique place with some good, small batch offerings.

8/11 they're hosting a brewers event with some ~25 odd of their wares once!


Drew said...

Yeah, Mt. Washington! I grew up spending my summers in Jackson with the grandparents. Damn I love that part of the world even if it gets blinkeringly cold.