Monday, July 30, 2007

Philadelphia Brewing -- the Bartons get back on the horse

Bill and Nancy Barton wasted no time in proving they are still in the game after the break-up of their problematic Yards Brewing partnership with Tom Kehoe. I got a link to this site in an e-mail today (that originated with Philly beer historian Rich Wagner): Philadelphia Brewing Co. is the name of the new business they'll be rolling out at the Amber Street facility in Kensington.

Best of all parties. Me, I'd love to see both breweries thrive. It would be good for Philly to have two production breweries.

Oh, and BTW...Uncle Jack already broke this one: Scott "The Dude" Morrison is the mystery brewer at Dock Street. Scott gave me permission to release the story while I was on vacation, and I missed the e-mail in the flood of spam I got. Hoping to be open in August.


BuckSpin said...

Maybe Red Bell would sell them the rights to the "Philadelphia (nameofstyle)" labels they brewed?

It just occured to me that in Philly "wit" means "I would like some processed melted cheese stuff on my Philly steak please, oh kind Sir or Madam" (Well, maybe that is not a literal translation...LOL).

A "Philadelphia Wit" could be a very tongue in cheek Witbier! Hopefully it would pair well with cheese! And "700 Level Lager" would be a killer name!

Lew Bryson said...

"Wit" actually means "wit' onions," as in "Cheesesteak wit'". Witbier wit onions? Might be on to something here, Todd...or maybe not. But Philly Wit would be a natural for a name.

And 700 Level's already taken: Nodding Head does one.

As for "Philadelphia (nameofstyle)", you can't trademark a place name, just the combo and the design. So "Philadelphia Pilsner" would be good to go.

Steven said...

This is almost as bad as the Balto-März-Hon from Clipper City.

BuckSpin said...

My bad. Shows I've only been to Pat & Geno's once!

"Santa's Boos" (rhymes with booze) would be a great holiday seasonal.

It would be interesting to see some
"heritage" brews that the founding fathers literally could have quaffed. Does the City Tavern do cask ales?

LStaff said...

Wit wit onions?

They could just add some summit hops on the backend instead.

How that hop ever got a name, I don't know. ;-)

HungryChic said...

So what's the fate of Yards as we know it?