Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wynkoop gets fresh

It's probably not easy being farm-friendly in downtown Denver, but Wynkoop Brewing went to some great lengths to pull it off. They trucked in fresh Chinook hop vines from Misty Mountain Hop Farm in Olathe, Colorado, and hung the fat green devils over the railings of the brewpub, right on the sidewalk, and picked hops. People walking by had a look -- "That's what hops look like, huh?" -- and the whole thing sounds pretty festive.

They put the big fresh Chinook cones -- 60 pounds! -- in a hot kettle full of wort for their Belgorado Belgian pale ale just yesterday afternoon; the leaves and vines were put in the brewery's composting setup. Great to see Wynkoop continuing to do more visible, fun stuff; this is a landmark place, and they deserve more props.

Now...wonder if any of this will still be around come GABF?


Dean said...

Probably no more difficult than in Kensington Lew!=D

Lew Bryson said...

Bet the foot traffic's different, though!

sam k said...

60 pounds is a shitload of hops, representing an incredible amount of hand picking! I've picked wild (stray?) hops with a homebrewing friend, and after about three hours we had maybe a couple of pounds.

Hop cones are quite light and fluffy, and it takes a LOT to make a pound. This represents an admirable effort on the part of Wynkoop and their dedicated friends!!

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson has been dead for four years today? Is that right?