Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dock Street Brewers Return to Capistrano -- er, to U-City

Just got this from Rosemarie at Dock Street, a cool happening. The event itself is a press thing, followed by a party for employees of the original Dock Street brewpub. But you'll get to drink the beer in March...

Dock Street Celebrates Brewer’s Homecoming February 27, 2010

Philadelphia- Victor Novak [nice to see Victor still giving props to his Dock Street heritage], a favorite son of the original Dock Street Brewery and present head brewer for Taps Brewery in California, is coming home to Dock Street to brew his Cream Ale. This special brew day will take place on Saturday, February 27th.

Victor was born into the world of brewing at Dock Street’s original 18th Street location in the early 90’s. He started as a waiter and within two years worked his way to full-time brewer. Here he learned the art of craft brewing under the guidance of Head Brewer Nick Funnell. He also worked and learned with Eric Savage. The two taught him to brew a vast array of styles. It was at Dock Street that Victor first brewed the Cream Ale in open-style fermenters. Through their direction, he cultivated the passion that would allow him to soar in his career. Victor’s beers are highly decorated, including a gold and bronze award at the Great American Beer Festival for the aforementioned Cream Ale.

Dock Street is eager to embrace Victor as he comes home to his roots. The excitement of his visit calls forth a celebration of Dock Street’s own past and the very special place we hold in the heart of Philadelphia and the craft brewing industry. To properly salute the occasion, Victor and Dock Street’s 50th Street Head Brewer, Ben Potts, will brew the nostalgic Cream Ale. In Victor’s own words it is one of the greatest light-bodied beers on the planet and a constant reminder of his love of Philly and his brewing roots here. It has tremendous character for a light-bodied beer: crisp and smooth, but nice and fruity and extremely drinkable.

To honor the moment, Dock Street 18th Street consulting brewer Bill Moeller will join the party. Bill, who is nearing his 84th birthday, is a true patriarch in Philadelphia brewing history and a seasoned professional brewer with over 60 years of experience. Most of his career was spent with Schmidt and he was also was a consulting brewer for Brooklyn Brewery. Other Dock Street celebrities in attendance: Eric Savage, Iron Hill Head Brewer Chris Lapierre, and Yards Brewer Tim Roberts.

As old meets new and past meets present, we at Dock Street are pleased to celebrate the interconnectedness and heritage that we hold as one of the first microbreweries in the country and the first in Philadelphia. It is a time to pay tribute to our past and share our dreams for the future. In the spirit of commitment and passion for brewing sublime beers we invite you to join us.
Hell, this would be worth it just to see Bill Moeller!


Bill said...

For us out-of-towners, what's U-City?

Lew Bryson said...

Sorry! It's University City, the area around (and west) of the University of Pennsylvania. Dock Street's just barely in the west edge of it.

NeroFiddled said...

It's interesting... there's no history/fact to back it up, but I've always thought of Cream Ale as a Philadelphia style. I'll agree with Rich Wagner that John Wagner brought the first lager yeast to the new world and started brewing lager beers in Philadelphia; and I feel that the other Philly brewers may have tried to emulate what he was doing by following his style, but without lager yeast - thus producing "cream ale". On the other hand, it may have just been a marketing term. Who knows? No one.

Ed H. said...

Fantastic news!

Who says you can't go home?

Victor Novak has always paid homage to his roots at Dock Street and this project has 'Home Run' written all over it.

Following his departure to Philadelphia, I'm afraid that we are going to lock the gates to Southern California behind him in order to prevent his return...

...until he promises to 'import' this nostalgic Cream Ale for our own selfish enjoyment at Taps Fishhouse & Brewery.