Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My first event in Lebanon County

Lebanon County is not a place I've been to very often. To be honest, it's mostly a place I've been through on the way to other places (though I did have a friend who went to Lebanon Valley College that I visited once or twice...30 years ago). It's pretty enough -- even more rural than Lancaster or Berks Counties -- but there are no breweries, and beer bars have only cropped up recently. So the only Lebanon County mention in Pennsylvania Breweries is the Quentin Tavern, just north of Swashbuckler.

Happily, this did not deter Mike McDonald at the Blue Bird Inn (not two miles away from the Quentin, in Cornwall) from reaching out to me recently about doing an event at his place (I'm pretty sure someone I met at a book signing said something to him; I vaguely remember someone saying "You should go to the Blue Bird Inn!" at a signing, and me giving them a card). We talked, I shuffled my signing schedule a bit, and we set up an event.

I'll be at the Blue Bird on May 21st, from 7 to 9, signing books and checking out their beer selection. If you're in the area, why not stop by and see what Lebanon's doing about joining the Craft Beer Revolution?!


Julius Cohen said...

No brewery in Lebanon, Pennsylvania? Sir, may I remind you of my own distinguished Lebanon Valley brewery on North 7th street in Lebanoon, of which I am President, sir, brewers, bottlers and canners of fine Lebanon Valley beer, ale, porter and bock, as well as Silver Mug, Old German and Pennsylvania Dutch. If you continue to overlook the LVBC you will hear from my brother-in-law Max Hassel. Good day.

Lew Bryson said...

Send some samples, Julius!

John Hansell said...

I was born in Lebanon and grew up in Lebanon County. Yes, a little behind in the craft beer movement, but the beautiful countryside and down to earth people make up for it.

My brother Tracey who lives in Palmyra still regularly goes to a cool place that is half beer bar, half beer sales. I will ask him the name of it.

Rich said...

I think John is talking about the Brass Rail in Campbelltown, good place for craft beer, only 6 taps but a good selection of bottles. The food is a little pricey but good and the staff is very nice, the owner is very knowledgable about craft beer.

Also, there is Country Garden six pack, just off of 422 on the west side of town, decent selection of craft beer.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Julius, I thought you died years ago. Last I remember, LVBC went out in 1959!!!!!! The brewery still stands though.

Lebanon was home to MANY breweries at one time, but prohibition kind of killed them all off except LV.