Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spitting on the head of Britain's national drink

I'll assume you've heard that beer is not allowed at The Royal Wedding™, yes? It was pissing me off more and more, and I was feeling more and more Paine at the very thought...when I saw this. Pete pretty much nails it, so go read. And no, I won't be watching a single second of The Royal Wedding™ unless some evil jackass puts a gun to my head and puts me through some reverse Ludovico technique...I'll be at a beer festival (TAP New York, to be precise), so watching the little bluebloods formalize their fornicating would be inappropriate.


Velky Al said...

Shame that quote at digitalspy is not the full quote from the British press:

"Let's face it, it isn't really an appropriate drink to be serving in the Queen's presence at such an occasion. And while the younger royals enjoy a pint from time to time, neither Kate nor William is a big beer drinker so they decided to leave it off the menu. It was always their intention to give their guests a sophisticated experience and they have chosen the food and drink with this in mind."

It is quite clear when you see the whole quote that the real reason for there being no beer is because neither William not Kate like it much, regardless of the boozy antics of the rest of the family.


Lew Bryson said...

But doesn't the following sentence's "...a sophisticated experience..." hammer it home? We had booze at our wedding that we didn't care for; it's not just about us. Although, I guess if you're the Royals, it is all about you.

Velky Al said...

Assuming the quote is actually genuine - and that is a big question mark, given that it is unattributed and first recorded in a red top tabloid.

I would venture that the "sophisticated experience" bit is the "source's" interpretation of their intention, after all I would hardly call mini Yorkshire puddings with roast beef or mini sausage rolls "sophisticated", and yet they are included in the canapes.

You could split the quote into three sections:

Sentence 1 - insider's opinion
Sentence 2 - reality
Sentence 3 - insider's interpretation to justify opinion.

Either that or they are afraid of what Prince Harry would get up to with an open bar.

Lord Salisbury said...

Egads! I have been preparing for a fortnight to have my own distinct royal ale to be delivered to this grand occurance!

Al Luccioni said...

Pissed off? really? So I take it you returned the invite?

Lord Camden said...

Salisbury! do you honestly think the House of Windsor would bemire such a momentous occasion with that acidulous libation you liberally refer to as Royal Ale?

Charles said...

I'm with you Lew.
How can the Royals be so clueless?

sam k said...

Makes me proud that, at my own fire hall wedding, the local Esquire beer flowed unceasingly, along with copious amounts of wine and spirits. Made in part by my father, Esquire used to be the official wedding beer of most of southwestern Pennsylvania (no offense intended, Al).

I'm still married to the same woman after more than 25 years. Wanna bet we've already outlasted the potential of the Royal Couple? I credit our pride in local beer!

Good to hear from the local Lords, BTW.

Mark said...

So beer isn't appropriate but Champagne is? I mean, Champaigne is French! Sheesh!