Thursday, June 2, 2011

Here comes your Annual Deschutes Tease, Philly

Just got a notice about another Deschutes Brewery event for Philly Beer Week. Sigh. This superlative brewery only comes to PA once a year, for a few weeks, on some weird temporary "registration," and then leaves. But while they're oughta grab some.

The event? It's at London Grill, Monday evening. It's $55, for a four-course meal plus reception beers, and my friends: do not be late, because the 'reception beers' are two all-too-often overlooked Deschutes beers you've heard me groan about: Twilight Summer and Red Chair Northwest Pale. Wonderful beers that don't beat you on the head. Do I have your attention? Here you go:

Deschutes Brewery Beer Dinner at London Grill
Join Oregon’s Deschutes Brewery brewmaster Larry Sidor for an evening of unbelievable beer, food and music. Deschutes is in town for Philly Beer Week, and doesn’t have regular distribution in our fair city – so this is a rare chance to sample some of their damn tasty beers. The evening begins at 5p.m. with an “ East Meets West” reception, featuring Deschutes Brewery seasonal beers Red Chair Northwest Pale Ale and Twilight Summer Ale. Also during the reception schmear of smoked salmon rillette with preserved lemon will be served to the musical sounds of the Carol Moog Trio. At 6 pm, the four-course dinner begins, pairing Deschutes ales with everything from salad to dessert. You’ll be feasting on such pairings as Mirror Pond Pale Ale with Locavore Salad; Obsidian Stout with Singapore Soft Shells; Black Butte Porter with braised goat mole; and The Abyss Imperial Stout with ginger gelato. Your palate will thank you!
The London Grill, 2301 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia 215-978-4545.

Sigh. Wish I could join you.


Dave said...

I will be at the Philly Beer Week event at Issac Newtons June 7th from 7-9pm. Where you sit down the Deschutes brewmaster and you get to sample all their beers including the hard to get Abyss stout. Looking forward to it. Also I just got a copy of your book today Pennsylvania Breweries 4th edition and am very much enjoying it.

Best regards,

Dave (

Carey said...

There were a couple other Deschute's functions this week, outside of Philly proper (the Drafting Room had a particularly good one, with 6 beers). There's one left in the area for later this week... I have on good authority - meaning several people in the know as well as the rep - that the restriction is lifting this year and we will start to see the brewery in the area going forward. We'll see.