Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tonight in the Lehigh Valley: Session Beer!

I'm joining Eddie Stoudt (yeah, that Eddie Stoudt) tonight at The Pickled Egg in Easton (and I gotta say: cannot think of a better name for a Pennsylvania Dutch area beer bar) for an evening of session beer. I'll be talking about this near and dear subject and signing copies of Pennsylvania Breweries, Eddie will have a fresh firkin pouring (I assume of Karnival K├Âlsch, but I'm not sure), and proceeds from the firkin will be donated by barowner Laz Melan to the Boys and Girls Club of Easton. Good cause, good times, good beer! Get more details here; hope to see you tonight, 7-10!


Willibald Kuebler said...

Ye travel to our fair town of Easton to imbibe in malted beverage and you do not foresee to wire the largest beer baron of the town of your forthcoming?

Do not be surprised if you are served scarcely a drop of my own Kuebler's cream ale, pilsner or half and half while you attend to your ministrations in this town.

Fredrick Seitz said...

Ach du Kuebler! Surely Herr Bryson has more pressing matters to attend to in our fair valley than imbibing your nefarious concoctions only to imperial his constitution and mental vigor. Your productuction is best suited for flop houses and saloons whose patronage is comprised of common yobs and assorted tuffs. Mr Bryson please note superior Seitz brewery products such as our excellent ales and lagers including our renown Lambs Club Beer are available for home or tavern trade purchased directly from the Brewery located at Bushkill and Front Streets