Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another Summer Beer: Otter Creek White Sail

Otter Creek has been doing some new and exciting stuff since Morgan Wolaver bought the place and made his organic beers full-time. The Otter Creek brand wasn't banished, thank God, and they've been having a great time with their World Tour beers. This isn't one of those, just a Summer seasonal Witbier with orange peel and coriander. Let's open it up.

Hmmm...pretty clear for a wit. There's a wet oats smell to the head that's kind of nice, but no real citrus or coriander. Wow. Pretty light on the spices and flavorings. I get the coriander when I pull some air through it, but not really any citrus. I hate to get overwhelmed by a wit, and I hate to complain about this after bitching that the Steg Midsummer White was over-spiced, but there's just barely enough flavorings here to make this something other than a wheat ale. Sorry guys, there's just not enough here.


Loren said...

Still sounds better than the Wolaver's Wit. And...are they still keeping that one in the lineup? Seems odd having TWO Wits within one roof, no?

East End (PA) Witte is still my fave for US Wits. Bar none.

Lew Bryson said...

Well, it would seem odd... except that they're different brands as well, and the Wolaver's beers sell in different markets.