Thursday, May 3, 2007

Pennsylvania Brewery news up on my site

I've got some Pennsylvania news up on the site: a three brewer move involving John Harvard's Wayne, Johnstown Brewing, and the soon-to-open Rivertowne Pourhouse; and an update on One Guy Brewing in Berwick.

Get it while it's hot.


Matt Guyer said...

Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Lew ;-) . . . how were the beers at JH's Wayne and can the new guy brew?

Lew Bryson said...

Matt is being playful, folks...I got all this info while visiting JHBH Wayne with Matt (owner of the excellent Beer Yard beer store in Wayne) and Gareth Swan, one of the partners in the soon-to-open Teresa's Next Door, a beer bar in Wayne that is going to be a serious contender -- more on that soon.

But to answer your question; the new guy, Pete Heneks, was just brewing his first beers, and I never had any of the beers he brewed at JHBH Springfield before corporate shut it down. The beers that Sean Hallisey had on at Wayne? I liked the darkish Belgian strong I had, I thought the triple Matt had was overspiced, but otherwise good.

But with JHBH in PA continuing to hemorrhage talented brewers (Brian McConnell, Andrew Maxwell, John Rehm, Sean Hallisey), you have to wonder how long they can keep the quality up...and how long they can keep the doors open.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see Barret Goddard and Andrew Maxwell reconnecting on an indie project if you will...not completely but still local family oriented via the folks at Rivertowne Inn. Let's try to track the history of these brewers anybody out there know where Andrew Maxwell started brewing, my guess would be Harvard's but who knows. Anywho Barret started under Maxwell at Harvard's in Monroeville to move onto West Virginia Brewing under Ned in Motown, back to his own gig at Johnstown back to a full circle with Andrew Maxwell at the Rivertowne project. Hallisey also started under Andrew Maxwell at Harvard's and now he comes back this way to Johnstown. It works but I'm guessing these guys are good friends outside of the brewing business as well.


Tony aka WVbeergeek

Lew Bryson said...

Andrew Maxwell deserves much more credit and acclaim than he was ever going to get brewing at JHBH, that's for certain. I've got high hopes for this new project.

Kemo Sabe Todo said...

I'm pretty sure that Andrew Maxwell started his professional career at Harvard's -- they recruited him after he won this competition, I forget the details. (His brother got him into home brewing many years ago, when he was in college, and he just had this drive to get better and better at it.)

Anyway, Harvard's should have treated him way better than they did.