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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sorry, I've been away...

Photo by David Handschuh; more of his awesome photos of the trip here.
Yup. A LONG way away. This is the third of three lengthy trips I did in September, which I'll try to get up here: Pilsen/Prague, Tennessee/Kentucky, and this one, a DISCUS press trip to the distilleries of Ireland and Islay. This is that group at the Forest of Argyll. As you can see, by this last day of the trip we were exhausted, we hated each other, and were having no fun whatsoever.

Heh. More soon, I promise.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bourbon Heritage Month's been busy, and I'll tell you about it soon. Did some tasting, went to Prague and Plzn, you know, the usual stuff. Meanwhile, it's Bourbon Heritage Month, and I'm about to leave for Tennessee and Kentucky for the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, so this bourbon infographic (from Wild Turkey, in case you didn't guess) seemed appropriate: