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Monday, October 14, 2013

The Government Shutdown's odd effects on booze

Now that the blog's back to looking normal...

Just a couple quick notes on the government shutdown. The shutdown is affecting the ATTTB, the licensing agency that covers beer, wine, and spirits: inspections and label approvals being part of that. That's affecting booze, and how we get it.

First, it's stopping new labels/brands from being approved. In specific cases, not good; brewers and distillers need to get their new products on the market. In general? It's kinda nice to have a little breathing room as a reviewer.

Second, it's stopping new brewers and distillers from getting their inspections and opening. Not good.

But the shutdown is also causing people to consider: nonessential workers are furloughed? Why do we have nonessential workers at all? I kid, somewhat, as it's all down to individual definitions of "nonessential." And "essential" is different from "desirable," "helpful," or even "necessary." So, it's a charged discussion.

Okay, back to work!