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Monday, March 28, 2011

Greg Hall doesn't keep us waiting

Check out this interview with Goose Island brewmaster (and hellaciously good guy) Greg Hall. There's a man who's grabbing the brass ring, and good for him. Greg delivered a ton of great beer, put up with a lot of crap, and kept smiling. I'll miss talking to him for work; hope to keep talking to him for pleasure.

Thanks to STAG regular Steven Herberger for the link!


geoffrobinson said...

I would thank him for his contribution to the craft beer world. Reading how investors wanted control, I would rather have AB be the investor/owner. I know AB could do amazing stuff if they wanted to. Maybe they want to.

Steven said...

"(and hellaciously good guy)"

I had the pleasure of having a beer-pairing dinner with Greg some years ago (one of my first dates with my wife), and Greg suffered the beer-geek questions I threw out like a real diplomat.

Heck, he even thanked me for enjoying the beer since day one. I only hope for the best for him, and his dad.

Anonymous said...

All of the AB bashers and craft beer zealots can bite me- although it's too bad for us GI drinkers that he's leaving, hopefully even the beer snobs can take pleasure in the fact that an actual craft brewer now gets to ride off into the sunset with a huge payday after years and years of hard work. Good for Greg!