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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brewery news: East End expands, farm brewery opens in New Jersey

Still want to tell you about my trip to Boston last week, but in the meantime, a quick post about  (relatively) local breweries. Pittsburgh's East End Brewing is expanding as soon as they ink a deal with the city's redevelopment authority, according to what Scott Smith told a Tribune-Review reporter here. Scott implied (or the reporter inferred, see the comments) that the increased sales from their growler outlet at the Pittsburgh Public Market pushed the expansion.
The building will have quadruple the space for brewing, increasing its capacity and leaving room for eventual canning or bottling lines. The tap area will be larger and heated, with access to a restroom that doesn't require customers to wind their way through an active brewery.
So that's great news. Meanwhile, from New Jersey, Jeff Linkous reports (at his Beer-Stained Letter blog) that a new brewery will be opening: Suydam Farms, in Somerset County, has debuted their Great Blue Brewing operation, and as you might guess from the parent name, they're going to be focusing on the local-sustainable angle, and growing at least some of their own hops. Great Blue (named for the herons that light in the area) is a nanobrewery, a cobbled-together collection of equipment (by their own admission!), and they're tweaking the mechanics after brewing their first 2-barrel batch, a "scarlet ale."
Initial plans call for distributing to a trio of select restaurants – Steakhouse 85 and Stage Left in New Brunswick and Sophie's Bistro in the Somerset section of Franklin. The three restaurants already buy produce and other commodities from Suydam Farms.
Great news: craft beer is still rocking on.


EastEndBrewing said...

Yeah, that's pretty accurate. But while we are having helpful discussions w the URA about this move, nothing we're doing w them is going to make or break the building purchase. So there was a bit of inferrence there.
More details to follow!

Thanks Lew.

The Professor said...

Nice to hear about the Suydam project. I live just a couple of miles from the farm and the three restaurants they'll be serving (all excellent eateries, particularly Stage Left). Ryck has been experimenting with hop growing on the Suydam land for a while, and has also hosted a few homebrewing events as well down through the years.

Looking forward to trying the beer!