Monday, May 2, 2011

Zythos in America

This may or may not happen at this event.
There are -- there will be -- a ton of Philly Beer Week events. It starts in 32 days. I have my own events, and I'll let you know about them soon. But I wanted to get this one out there, because it's really the kind of event that could almost only be done in Philly, because of our huge love for Belgian beers (and when, fergodssake, is someone gonna get smart and open a Brewer's Art-style brewpub in this town?!), and because of Tom Peters.
Zythos America      Saturday, June 11, 2011     Noon-3PM     $60
BELGIUM'S PREMIER BEER FESTIVAL COMES TO PHILLY! This is our third annual Zythos America and will be the best one yet. Stellar beer selection and lots of space for your comfort. We will offer over 75 Belgian and Belgian-style beers. The preliminary selection is now posted online. Do expect some changes and additions. These beers will all be top quality with NO CRAP to fill out the list.
Saturday afternoon from Noon-3PM. Doors open at 11:45. This will  be held at the Starlight Ballroom, 460 N. 9th Street. This venue has a capacity of 1,200 people, but we are limiting ticket sales to only 600 to ensure plenty of room to wander, sample and talk. Dozens of comfortable booths in which to relax and enjoy these amazing beers. The Starlight Ballroom has its own kitchen and will be offering food for sale.
Go to for more information, beer list, and tickets. Tickets are on sale through the Starlight Ballroom's ticketing company, Ticket Fly. Tickets are very limited, so don't delay.
You've been warned. Get to it!

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Mark said...

I have been looking forward to this event all year and am now somewhat disappointed. I really enjoyed the fact that Zythos was done in a museum, which provided a good break to check out some culture between STRONG beers. The second year was also a bit of a let down because they started charging for food and the live band was (as expected) far too loud.

The beers are the most important part of Zythos and it looks like they will be as good as ususal, but this new location will take away from the event.