Monday, June 6, 2011

Where There's Smoke, there's Lew

Wanted to get in a plug for an event I really thought would cut through the noise of Philly Beer Week, if only because so many people being repulsed by it: Scoats and I, with chef Kevin McDevitt, are putting on an all-smoked dinner at Hop Angel Brauhaus tomorrow night. The menu is below, and you'll notice: everything is smoked, even the dessert. I know a lot of you don't like smoked beers, but for those of you that do...this is smokin', baby. Please note the seafood course, where we have a beer that is technically not smoked (Schlenkerla Helles uses no smoked malt, but picks up smoke hints from the brewing system that otherwise does exclusively smoked beers), and the return of Unibroue Raftman, the best peat-smoked beer I know of. We've got some beauts here, and if you've never had Bruder Basil're in for a treat.
Come out tomorrow night. PAYG starts at 5, we'll have a more formal served dinner at 7 for $50 that includes all the beers and all the foods (at a significant savings).

Smoked Beer Dinner with Lew Bryson

Three smoked cheese plate served with apple and raison compote and lingonberries
paired with: Roy Pitz Ludwig's Revenge, Sly Fox Rauchbier

Smoked mussels and Trout salad
paired with: Schlenkerla Helles, Unibroue Raftman

Choice of Hungarian and smoked whip with an onion gravy and sauerkraut or rolled Roulade with gravy and mashed potatoes
paired with: Stone Smoked Porter, Victory Scarlet Fire

Carmel covered vanilla bean ice cream and a smoked salt
paired with: Schlenkerla Oak Smoke


Rich Isaacs said...

I had the Unibroue Raftman the other day and thought it was pretty great. Smoky, but not unbearable.

The dinner sounds like a great time.

Zach said...

What is Hungarian and smoked whip?

Lew Bryson said...

Ha! Should have taken a closer look at that. It's Hungarian bratwurst (a brat laced with paprika), which is not actually smoked, and "smoked whip" is a literal translation of Rauchpeitsch, the name of a thin smoked sausage, and it is tasty; got some in the fridge right now.

Pete LaVerghetta said...

Wish I could join you guys, but my wife said 'Ugh, smoked beers, take me to Garces!' Next time!