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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

International Stout/Porter Day? Sure, I'm in

Got a press release from Chris D'Puia, the beer maven at O'Reilly's, in Harrisburg (apparently they're not going by T. Brendan O'Reilly's anymore?), about their participation in the 1st Annual International Stout/Porter Day, on November 3rd. I didn't know about this, but it has a website, and it's not Guinness's "Arthur's Day." Whatever, it's an excuse to drink dark ales, and I am down with that!

Here's what's going on at O'Reilly's. I won't be there -- too far with what else I have to do that day -- but I WILL be drinking dark beer somewhere, at home, if needs be.
Starting at 6:00, there will be a growler and bottle share in the banquet room, next to the Pub (parallel to the bathrooms). Please bring a growler or a bottle of your choice to share with all of the attendees. Please note that it does not have to be a Stout or Porter, but they are recommended due to the reason of celebration.
At 8:00, we move the festivities into O’Reillys itself, where there will be at least 6 Stouts or Porters on tap and one firkin on the bar. Ffej and ADG of “Think Tank” will be in the house that evening playing live music.
As for food, it will be available to purchase in the pub, and it can be brought in to the banquet room. Outside food will not be permitted in the banquet room. However, it is most important to note that this room is being provided to us free of charge to rent as long as we do not leave a mess behind, so please clean up after yourselves. 
So get dark, folks. Sounds like fun to me!


R. H. Graupner said...

Mr. Bryson, I shall provide coach for you to our fair city in order to try my Graupner's select porter on this occasion. Yours, R.H. Graupner.

Henry Fink's Sons said...

Ach, Herr Bryson, surely do not be fooled by Graupner's claims. Come to our fair city, and taste none other than our Fink's Herculean porter, nix besser and nonpareil in the Capital city and beyond.

Lew Bryson said...

Hey, Henry, did you know the PLCB's using your old brewery for their headquarters? Is that why you're spinning in your grave?

Henry Fink said...

Honorable Mister Bryson, Those were my sons who contacted you and who also happened to have run my profitable brewery out-of-business and capitalized by selling the property to our most respected regulatory agency. So, in ansewr of your question, yes I am aware, but I am more dis-traught at my own son's failure to perpetuate the business, which would no doubt this very day be the pride of midtown harrisburg, positioned to conquer the unlimited market potential of thirsty working-men of which you preach.

sam k said...

Too bad there's no more Stegmaier porter around to celebrate this occasion with, one of the last of the world's old-line porters. Nice effort, Lion...keep up the good work!

By the way, my local Lion master distributor just sent back all their non-seasonal Stegmaier specialty brews because of massive QC issues. Sad.