Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Hulmeville Inn RULES

Thanks to the Hulmeville Inn, Jeff Lavin, and ALL the folks who gave so generously Sunday afternoon: we raised almost $1200 for pancreatic cancer research...WITH BEER!! You folks are beautiful! My thanks also to the folks who came to the Hulmeville for the first time just for this event (okay, and the six Russian River drafts they were pouring), including members of my church choir!
It was a great day. My dad never went to the Hulmeville, but twice the folks there have turned out their pockets in his memory, and to help smack down this swift, vicious killer. If Jeff will keep offering, I'll keep doing this; help me make this a big annual event. And bars/brewers: I'll be happy to come host a pancreatic cancer fundraiser at YOUR place of business. Just drop me a line and we'll talk. Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

thank you. encouraging to know that breast cancer is not getting every last research penny. (it only seems like they are, apparently)

Jeff Lavin said...

Next Year: Dunk Tank

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I haven't always agreed with some of your work but this is something I am definitely supportive of. My mother passed last year (12/21) to this evil disease. Didn't hear about your event until just now, but will look forward to attending one of your future events to support the fight.

-eric, jenkintown

Lew Bryson said...

Cheers, Eric. I'd like to do more of these events, at other venues.

And you, Jeff, with your dunk tank...if it raises more money, I'll do it in a tank of Bud Light!