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Monday, April 16, 2012

MLB Beer one-upmanship?

I've been proud of the selection of local craft beer readily available at Citizens Bank Park for quite a while. (It's not just me: check out #5 here.) But it looks like the O's are one-upping us: Friday night home games will now have cask ale from Flying Dog in Camden Yards, beginning April 27. Excerpts from the press release:
Flying Dog is available at 20 locations in the park, including the Roof Deck bar and a Flying Dog storefront location that will offer beer pairings with locally-inspired foods, like Old Bay corn dogs. The chefs at Camden Yards will also use Flying Dog beer as an ingredient in some of this season’s food pairings. “Our ‘Firkin Fridays’ will highlight the growing popularity of not only craft beer, but also real ale,” [brewery sales VP Brian] Savage said, “which is a great fit for America’s pastime.”
Well, hell, Philly, we gotta step to this! Philly Brewing, Yards, Flying Fish, Victory? Who's gonna meet this challenge?!


Anonymous said...

Philly fans may console themselves about the lack of cask ale at their ballpark by reminding themselves that unlike Baltimore, their team doesn't suck all the time.

Now go have a beer said...

This really isn't very surprising. Among MLB teams, Baltimore has offered a wide selection of craft beer at the ballpark for many years, long before most other teams, as I understand it. So perhaps cask ales are the next step.

Indeed, I recall going to a game in Baltimore the year of the ill-fated "GABF On the Road" (HOW long ago was that?) that the AoB scheduled for Preakness weekend.

A friend and I bought tickets outside the ballpark from a couple of women who had four of their company's season tickets, but only two of them could make the game so they had two extra. They were good seats, and I when I asked how much they wanted for them, the reply was, "Oh, just buy us a couple of beers." As we entered the stadium, the other woman joked that her friend didn't drink bad beer, "only imports." I said I'd do better than a mere import as I headed for the Maryland/Virginia craft beer stand. For the first round, I got one each of four different beers, and I was set to have the IPA. Wouldn't you know that was the one she chose when I brought the beers back to our seats....

I can't speak specifically for Philadelphia (after all, who cares? it's only National League ;-) ), but I'm guessing the the Phillies weren't offering very many craft beers in 1997.

Anonymous said...

ok does it make a difference on what we say??? not only do you have this bs google editing nonsence you edit post that are contradictory to your current opinion. you clain impsrtiality but you immediately post from joe sixpack and beaumont , conviniently ignoring other posters.

post this i dare you minus commen ts and allow unfiltered commentary. that is if you've got the temerity to do so...?

Lew Bryson said...

I don't have any idea what you're talking about. I moderate comments to keep out spam and foul-mouthed posts, not "post that are contradictory to your current opinion." And "joe sixpack" hardly ever comments here.

So...I met YOUR dare and posted your comment. I dare you to post with your name.


That Anonyous character. He (she?) is over at my blog too.

But, of greater importance:

Cask ale AND a brewpub in the ball park: Camden Yards is getting serious!

(Nationals Park, Philly NL East competition, took a seriously wrong turn this year.)

Steven said...

"I dare you to post with your name."

Can they post in English? :-/

Stop claining, would yeh Lew?

The Professor said...

Just because we're discussing beer here doesn't mean you should post comments after you've consumed a few too many. The only point you seem to be making is that you failed English. LOL

Anonymous said...

I have posted with my name before, only to be deleted, ergo my rant. Big enough words words for you (alleged) professor..(sic)?

I prefer anonymity, my right after all.

Lew Bryson said...

I post comments as I see fit; I make no secret of that. Comments that make personal attacks (on anyone, not me), are foul or obscene, that stray far from topic are not posted. I also don't post comments that are essentially restaurant or beer reviews; there's Yelp and ratebeer available, and I encourage folks to use them.

No more ranting, please.

JP said...

what did they pour in Connie Mack and the Vet? I am guessing Schmidt's of Philly/Ortliebs?

Kyle T. said...

Does it count if they pay the ballpark upwards of $30k to have their beer there? My brother in-law works for the vendor there and has confirmed that Flying Dog has indeed paid to have their beer featured at Camden Yards. Whatever works I guess. Since I frequent a handful of games throughout the season, I will not be complaining. I enjoy most of what Flying Dog puts out. But wanted to also point out that they were not chosen to be in the ballpark as some sort of kind hearted act. It is all about money.