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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vindication through Resurrection

Just got this from Resurrection Alehouse about their first event for Philly Beer Week:

Friday, June 1 :: Starting at 6pm
Join us as we welcome Volker Stewart (old friend and head evil genius behind Brewer's Art in Baltimore Maryland) back to Philadelphia. What else would be be pouring for such a momentous event but (the now triumphantly LEGAL in Pennsylvania) RESURRECTION ALE!

That's right, LEGAL. Because when Resurrection opened, they had a not-so-legal keg of Resurrection (as was pointed out here...) and they got their wrist slapped by the PLCB about it. After which they went squeaky clean on registration-legal beer, which is why it was so silly when they got raided by the BLCE for having unregistered beers a year later! And why the BLCE wound up getting their wrists slapped by the State legislature when they were made to look like the fools they were after that misstep.

So...congratulations to both Resurrection and to Brewer's Art, which is now solidly legal in PA, and is choosing this very appropriate venue as their launch. Cheers!


Katja said...

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Lew Bryson said...

You're spamming, of course -- this is completely unrelated to my original post, and you sent it twice --'s still kind of interesting.

Now piss off.

Syllogism said...

Just picked up some Resurrection Ale at Capone's Bottle shop .. and its in cans!