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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Philly news...from Maine

Taken by Suzanne "Beerlass" Woods
As some of you probably already know, Nodding Head brewer Mike Fava is leaving the City of Brotherly Love for the pleasant living of Maine; he's taken a job at Oxbow Brewing, in Newcastle. Here's the press release.

Oxbow Brewing Company is proud to announce they have hired Mike Fava, a young brewer from Philadelphia's most award winning brewery, Nodding Head Brewery. Medals from the GABF and World Beer Cup were awarded to Nodding Head for sour beers during Fava's years at the brewery. In early July Fava will join Oxbow Head Brewer Tim Adams in the brewery as the company begins increasing production of its highly sought farmhouse ales to keep up with increasing demand.

According to Geoff Masland, Director of Business Operations, Oxbow’s search began and ended with Fava, the one brewer they considered a perfect fit. “We have doubled our fermentation capacity as we head into our second year in business, and we couldn’t be more excited to have Mike on board as we increase production. I’ve never met a brewer with a more solid portfolio of beers and proficiency at age 30. Adding Mike’s wisdom and technical virtuosity to Tim’s raw talent and creative vision will produce astonishing results.”

Fava has spent his career in Philadelphia, establishing a big presence in the city’s internationally respected beer community. Most recently Fava has worked at Nodding Head Brewery, where he’s brewed an extensive line up of beers since 2008. Before that he was at Dock Street Brewery where he worked nearly 4 years and played a vital roll in resurrecting the brand and building a new brew pub. Oxbow can’t wait for an extra set of experienced hands, as the brewery handles it's own production, sales, self-distribution, creative design, and is beghinning to grow experimental ingredients in its gardens and small orchard, with a hop yard under way.

Best of luck, Fava! And get some of that beer down here...


William Gretz said...

Sour beer? Sounds like what we would pour down the drain in Germantown, or something we'd have to reimburse customers for.

Anonymous said...

@ William Gretz: you've never heard of sour beers before (lambic, gueuze, Flanders red, etc.)?

Fred A. Poth said...

Psshaw Gretz! Even the most insouciant student of the Brewing Arts is well aware of your reputation for putting forth a product that rivals even the most execrable fermentations in terms of both sanitariness and piquancy!

Bill said...

@Anonymous: you've never heard of William Gretz before?

sam k said...

Man, the ghosts are gettin' jiggy wid it!

Visited Fred Poth at the cemetery tour last month,.and it was time well spent. Nice crypt, Fred!