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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bourbon Heritage Month's been busy, and I'll tell you about it soon. Did some tasting, went to Prague and Plzn, you know, the usual stuff. Meanwhile, it's Bourbon Heritage Month, and I'm about to leave for Tennessee and Kentucky for the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, so this bourbon infographic (from Wild Turkey, in case you didn't guess) seemed appropriate:


Gary Gillman said...

Good poster from WT but I'd argue scotch and other foreign spirits use the ex-bourbon cask more as a sound container for long-term, relatively neutral maturation than to take any bourbon whiskey character from it. The barrels are taken apart and re-charred or cleaned well before being rebuilt and I've never gotten any bourbon taste from scotch, rum or Canadian whisky.

Also, new charred oak barrels must be used to age bourbon but they needn't be made from American oak although almost invariably, they are.


Steven said...

"...went to Prague and Plzn..."


Thought you could sneak that line through?!

HolzBrew said...

Maybe you could elaborate on the European fling?

I hope it was fun.

Martyn Cornell said...

What Gary said. They use ex-bourbon casks because they're cheaper than new ones.A few brewers might want some bourbon character from using the casks, but apart from that, Wild Turkey is just having everybody on there to try to gain a few points over other spirits.

Beer Glasses said...

That infographic motivates me.