Monday, January 19, 2009

Cold Enough for you, Philly?

Meet me at Tria (1137 Spruce, the "Tria Wash West" location) this Friday for a beer event to warm up your winter. I'm hosting an open tasting of "bear beers," the big thumping brews that we love to sip in the winter during hibernation. The Tria Fermentation School event I'm doing later in the evening sold out so quickly, the folks at Tria decided that more folks should get a chance at some of these beers in specially priced tasting portions. The event runs from 4-7, I'll be there from 5 to you know when to catch or avoid me, as the mood suits! I've been letting my beard grow in the spirit of the thing, it's pretty shaggy, too.

The beers at the open tasting: Aventinus Eisbock, Victory Old Horizontal, Pennichuck Pozharnik Imperial Stout, De Dolle Stille Nacht, and Gouden Carolus Grand Cru. At the event, we'll also have Samichlaus, Fuller's Vintage, and Brooklyn Black Ops. I'd love to have some Great Divide Hibernation Ale; does anyone know where there's a case or a couple sixpacks left in the area? If you do, e-mail me please!

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