Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Home for the Session Beer Project

After two years of posting about the Session Beer Project here on STAG, I've decided it's time for it to move out. I've started a new blog that's just for the SBP, and wittily named it The Session Beer Project.

I think we're at a turning point on session beer in America. I know there's a lot more interest around Philadelphia, there's The Diamond in New York City, there's Grand River Brewing in Cambridge, Ontario, and more coming all the time. If you know more places doing session beers regularly, tell me about them; if you know good session beers with good distribution, send that, too.

But you'll see them pop up over at the new blog. I'm not really sure what we're going to do with it. The main aim is simply to raise awareness, and let people know that there are choices...even in an industry that's all about choice.

I'll see you there.


TheAleReport said...

They don't distribute outside of MA, but Mayflower Brewing Co. is doing some awesome stuff. Their porter is out of this world.

Bill said...

Maybe you could challenge the local brewers to a competition to produce a tasty <4% session beer. I'd wager a few of them would have a very hard time producing a tasty small beer. It'd be fun to go to a tasting and not be schnockered after the first 3 beers.