Monday, January 26, 2009

Philly Beer Week '09: some great pointers

FooBooz has done what they do best again: collected some of the best info on Philly edible/drinkables and put it all in one place. In this case, it's new dope on Philly Beer Week 2009 from Joe Sixpack and the BrewLounge. The best news is this: SEPTA Philly Beer Week one-day passes that get you on the whole SEPTA system for 9 bucks a day, including regional rail. Bonus, folks, serious bonus. This puts a whole new spin on my PBW travel; a safer one. Thanks to all involved at SEPTA and Philly Beer Week!


---Guy said...

Any announcement yet about the Jay Misson Pils event???

Lew Bryson said...

Not that I know of (except it's on Thursday, March 12).

Bill said...

Now if Septa would only continue on to Newark, DE after dark. Somehow parking in Marcus Hook doesn't sound that appealing to me.