Monday, January 5, 2009 Troubles

If you happened to come here after finding my "name site" down -- -- well, my apologies. It's been a long morning already at 9:30 AM. My domain registry expired yesterday, although I thought I had an auto-pay set up: turns out that I should have paid attention to the e-mail from my service, warning me that their auto-pay system was down till Spring...I've paid, manually, and the site should be back up in a couple hours.

However, it means that my e-mail is also down, which is a major handicap. So as a notice to anyone who has business with me: if you have to send e-mail to me today, please use this address. Thanks, and my apologies for the inconvenience.

Is it too early for a beer?

Update: everything came flooding back Tuesday morning, so the usual e-mail is back online, as is the website. Apologies again, and thanks to all who adapted!


Rich Pawlak said...

It's just the PLCB messin' witcha, Lew. Thye started the saboutage in October, but it had to get through some committee meetings.

PLCB said...

You're next, Rich.

thbeer said...

As long as I have my daily dose of STAG, I'll just have to suffer through.

Chuck Cowdery said...

Damn. I missed my chance to claim and all of the glory that goes therewith.