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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

SBP #1: Victory Stout

This stuff's so new it doesn't even have a real name yet. I heard that Victory was brewing a dry stout for the first time, a stout that was a true session beer: 3.7% ABV (!!), full of roasty malt flavor, and wonderfully drinkable. I was out that way yesterday, so I dropped in and got Big Sales Mahoff Steve German to pour me some (this is an exercise that takes virtually no effort, especially in the mid-afternoon: "Beer? Okay!"). Up-front truth: this is a work in progress, and is only on at the brewpub in Downingtown, PA right now. It needs tweaking to get the carbo/nitrogenation just right; it's too light and fizzy right now. But the flavor is excellent, piquant notes of roasted grain, coffee hints, and not at all watery, as you might expect at this alcohol level. And since dry stout is a great beer for Weight Watchers, I'm ready to see this one show up at a bar near me. Soon.


Anonymous said...

sounds good, Lew! Any dry stout is a good session beer in my book. I like Boulevard's Dry stout, but enjoy it more on tap than in the bottle.
Hey, who is that guy in the picture at the top left of the page!? Looks vaguely familiar!

Bob R in OKC

Lew Bryson said...

That's my cousin, Fatso!