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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Rye Not?

Uncle Jack (and the Beer Yard) has got the scoop on this one: Weyerbacher's 12th Anniversary beer is a rye barleywine, with 50% rye in the mash. Wow. Go read.


okbrewer said...

um, believe it or not, but I already made a rye barleywine! I didn't use quite that much rye, though. I've also made a 'wheat wine' with spruce tips, is that cutting edge!? I recently made a rye-bock, too. But, hey, I'm just a homebrewer!

Anonymous said...

Great that this brewery is doing a rye barleywine, but they are not going where no brewer has gone before. There might not be many commerical examples (lots of home brewed rye barleywines) but rye barleywine is not unchartered territory. I know Valley Brewing and Pizza Port both have done rye barley wines. I brewed my first rye barleywine in 2003. You might want to correct them on this misinformation.

Lew Bryson said...

Hey, no prob, guys...but 50% rye? I mean, I had a 100% wheat malt IPA once (at a brewpub), and it doesn't surprise me that a homebrewer did a rye barleywine (I did a triticale IPA back when I the frickin' dark ages), but 50% or more rye barleywine?
I'm not saying yes or no, just asking. Details?

Anonymous said...

Good question. I'm not sure what the grain bill is for the barelywines that Valley and Pizza Port did. 50% rye? I'm not saying yes or no. I do believe there are examples out there that have been brewed with 50% rye malt. I think you would find more commercial examples of a 50% rye malt barleywine on the brewpub level, but I do believe it has already been done. A 50% rye barleywine has certainly been done on the homebrew level. As Weyerbacher says, this is not ordinary, but this isn't anything new either.