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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lozen Boer

Last night, I opened up another of those DeProef samples I got: Lozen Boer Abt, a 10% Abbey style ale. I'm not sure what "Lozen Boer" means, but there's a graphic of a man walking a cow down a path in the moonlight with the words "Legend of the Cow Smuggler." It scares me.

The beer was not what you'd expect from an abbey style, but maybe exactly what you'd expect from a DeProef abbey. It was dark, with a tight cap of dark cream foam, and it was malty, but the resemblance to the ordinary ended there. Lozen Boer was relatively dry for an Abbey, not richly sweet as they can be, and it had a spicy... no, really more an herbal complexity to it that was quite pronounced. I had planned on having a glass, but it was so drinkable I wound up sitting out on the cool back deck in the moonlight, drinking the whole thing. Very different.


Kathy said...

The cool back deck? In November?!

Where do you live again?

Lew Bryson said...

Well... There's cool, and there's cool. That night it was about 45. It's been unseasonably warm here, but that's over for now: it was 17 when we woke up this morning.

Anonymous said...

"lozen boer" is Dutch language. Loos (lozen) means 'something not right', and boer means 'farmer'. So lozen boer means 'farmer not following the rules'.

Lew Bryson said...

Thanks for the translation!