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Friday, June 20, 2008

Excellent piece on underage drinking

Time magazine's website has this article on the consequences of draconian underage drinking laws, the "murky" science behind the New Dry's squealing about alcohol's effect on the "teen-age brain," and the promise of drinking with your kids. Really. A very well-done piece, and quite an example of the new, thoughtful wave of articles on underage drinking that are, I believe, being encouraged by the appearance of groups like Choose Responsibility.

Great piece. Go read. Spread it around.


Anonymous said...

good article . i think the result of binge drinking is this x game mentality kids are into .maybe they cant cant jump a skateboard 20 feet but they tell someone they can drink 20 shots of jack daniels for some reason people will want to see this .i onced asked someone of legal drinking age how they could drink coors light when theres such great beer out these days his reply was you can drink a lot of them and people think thats cool . its the people not the alcohal thats the problem

Lew Bryson said...

It is the people, not the alcohol. What's encouraging is that more good people -- cops and researchers -- are realizing that and speaking out. It's the whole drinking culture, society's ideas about drinking, that need to change. You can't do that with draconian punishment.