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Monday, June 23, 2008

Join Me For A Firkin of Farmhouse!

There's a nice old place not far from me, the Hulmeville Inn, that has been steadily improving their beer selection. I mean, a lot. Like, right now, they've got Southampton Secret, Weyerbacher Double Simcoe, Bell's Oberon, River Horse Double White (which I really shoulda told you about after trying it at the Iron Hill Media festival; the hit beer of the fest for me), and some other cool stuff coming up.

One of the cool things is a firkin of specially-hopped Flying Fish Farmhouse Summer Ale that they're going to be tapping this Thursday, June 26th, at 7 PM. I'm going to be there hosting it, and we can talk Flying Fish, New Jersey beer, Philly beer, cask beer, whatever you want to yak about. I'll be there from 7 to 9, and I'll bet we can kick that firkin before the time's up.

Come on out and join us for this kickoff of Hulmeville Inn's summer cask program!


Anal said...

Lew, love your blog and your comments on beer. Would love to join you the week for a beer but just a little to far from my house to come by.

Try to schedule some more events like this up in Morris County. Do you have any pub recommendations up here? Been to most of the breweries (High Point, Cricket Hill, Kroghs and Trap Rock) but would try other places that just serve quality beers too.

On On,

Lew Bryson said...

Well...There's Long Valley, which I always liked, but you want bars. Cloverleaf in Caldwell comes to mind, though it's not in Morris County. The Stirling Hotel's good, and usually has something different than everyone else. The Tap Room at the Somerset Hills Hotel is just over the county line... I haven't been to the Laughing Lion in Dover, but it's supposed to be good. That's some, hey?

Anonymous said...


You made my day with the mention of River Horse's Double White. Excellent Beer!

I live a few miles away from Lambertville and I am very happy with the progress taking place at the brewery.

Give the Summer Blonde a shot if you get a chance, I think they rethought the recipe. I enjoyed it a lot more this year than I did last time.

Kevin said...

You say this is a summer cask series. Do you know how often they will have casks?


Unknown said...

Great to see the Hume continues to expand their beer selection. It's about 3 mins from my parents house and probably the place where I really began to try a bunch of new beers on a regular basis. I might just make the trip up from Philly, haven't been to the Hume in months.

Lew Bryson said...


For now they're aiming at monthly (better to have occasional casks that get consumed while fresh, than plentiful casks that don't get drunk up fast enough), and there will be a cask on the last Thursday of each month. Jeff sez River Horse may be the winner in July.