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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Memorials: work to be done

We need to get to work.

Beer writers need to get a Michael Jackson memorial scholarship put together. We have several ideas; let's settle on one and implement.

The loss of Jay Misson is still raw, but we should grab things now and create his brewing memorial. Jay taught a huge number of people how to brew (and how to work, and how to play, and how to live): why not a lager brewing scholarship? Probably under way, but if not...let's coalesce, people.

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okbrewer said...

Lew, Instead of a single scholarship, why not establish something like the James Beard Foundation and make several awards available. The Michael Jackson Foundation presents the Beer'd Awards!? Joking of course, but something along the lines of the Beard Awards I think would be a fitting tribute to MJ. Within that Foundation you could also establish a Misson Scholarship. Don't wait for someone else to do it! Get MA involved! My 2 cents!