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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Which president would you rather drink a beer with?

Forget presidential candidates, that's so over. Now we've got a president and a president-elect to compare. Bush, the former alcoholic (hey, he said it, not me) and current tight-assed teetotaler? Or Obama, a guy we've seen drink beer recently (and apparently enjoy), who practically got into a chugging contest with Hillary Clinton?

Even though Obama does have a non-drinking VP (although Biden happily is not a priss about it; he just doesn't drink), it's pretty obvious. I'd rather have a beer with him (um, and Michelle, if she, you know, just happened to be around...), hell, I'd rather have a root beer with Biden than Bucklers with Bush. Which, I guess, is as good a time as any to say that yes, I voted Democrat in a presidential election for the first time in my life yesterday. (I'd been voting Libertarian for the past 20 years, but couldn't bring myself to vote for Bob Barr.) Should make himself happy (or smug).

Although... Here, read this from The Shark Guys, some Canadian bloggers who have fun with booze, politics (American politics? Come on guys, some self-respect), and Sarah Palin. It's a Presidential Drinker Profile of Obama, and points out that he does so like beer.

The only thing that concerns me, and it concerned me when he said it, is this:
In March, he made the more impressive showing at a bar of the two Democrat candidates – Hillary did her best, as we blogged here, but really it was one for the road for her. Obama ordered a Yuengling beer – a politician’s choice since it is a popular and locally made Pennsylvania beer.

What was more telling were his comments after placing the order, “Is it expensive though?… Wanna make sure it’s not some designer beer or something.” Here Obama made the questionable move of showing contempt for designer/microbrewed beer. He risked painting himself as one of those guys who will mock you for purchasing a nice microbrew “because it tastes the same as any other beer they got [link added by me]. Why waste your money?”
Well, yeah. After sipping up ESB at the Bethlehem Brew Works, what kinda shit is that? I'll grant, it's just the kind of thing he might be concerned that the McCain populists might have pounced on, but dude, you've already been in a brewpub, what's there to lose? I'm just surprised that with all the class warfare going on at the time (in a Democrat primary?!), no one in Obama's campaign picked up on Hillary drinking a Canadian-made beer and a Canadian whisky. Apparently, neither did The Shark Guys.

Eh. It's just beer. We're both above and beneath all of this, which isn't a bad place to be. Cheers, folks. The campaign is over, let the recovery begin.


Rustmeister said...

Knocking back a couple of Washington's or Jefferson's homebrews would be nice.

Lew Bryson said...

Oh, Washington definitely wins on "Which president would you rather drink a big old tin cup of rye whiskey with?"!

Anonymous said...

Shlitz with LBJ,
Lemp with Harry Truman,
Stoudt Brewery Fest Beer with Clinton,
A Hyde Park with FDR,
A Ballantine Burton Ale with Ike
A Bartholomy porter with Teddy Roosevelt
A dixie Voodoo with Andy Jackson
A Stroh's with Ford
A Oly with Reagan
you get the idea

Anonymous said...

Jp, i would agree except substitute a brew 102 with reagan and add a Harvard ale with JFK and a prizer with Nixon.

Anonymous said...

Well, you've got me beat. In 32 years of voting, Obama's only the third presidential candidate I've voted for who won, and I vote my conscience every time, not party. It's ended a 16 year drought for me this time. Sure feels good for a change!

Brad said...

I always got the vibe that Clinton (Bill) knows how to have a good time. Figure he'd be fun to plow through a case of Natty with.

Steven said...

I'd love to sit down with both Roosevelts and maybe Truman. TR & Truman seemed in touch with the "real man." FDR was in charge through my favorite era, so he'd just be fun to jabber with.

Lew, I think you oughtta send this article to Obama, there might be a cabinet seat with your name on it!

Lew Bryson said...

I think Truman was a bourbon man...and a poker player.

Hmmm...first Secretary of Beer!

Anonymous said...

I would totally drink with Clinton, but I'm sure I'd need a chaperone.

art turner said...

I don't like beer much any more - after college I stopped drinking it for the most part. I'd drink a glass of merlot with one of them - my first instinct is President Lincoln, but he is dead. Next I suppose I would say Jimmy Carter because he is alive and the oldest of the remaining crew. He has done so much more since leaving office than what he did in office - and his work for Habitat is amazing and inspiring.

Lew Bryson said...

Hey, Art,

Have you tried any of the craft beers that have come around since you graduated? There's a huge new array of flavors, aromas, and textures in beer that's out there.

Or bourbon, there's a good presidential drink. Of course, wine was a biggie for Jefferson,'s all well-represented. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Truman was fond of proclaiming he was ready to "Strike a blow for Liberty" prior to retiring with friends and associates for bourbon and poker. I've never been able to find out what his brand was, but I'd be a little disappointed if it wasn't McCormick (from Weston, MO).

rico567 said...

"Eh. It's just beer. We're both above and beneath all of this, which isn't a bad place to be. Cheers, folks. The campaign is over, let the recovery begin."

Good luck with that. Good to hear that Obama's a beer drinker. We all oughta send him a six, he's going to need it. Great expectations doesn't begin to describe it. I could feel sorry for him, if I could feel sorry for any politician.....

Lew Bryson said...

Oh, well, I guess I could have been more clear: the "recovery" I was referring to was from the trials (and bullshit) of the campaign. Recovery from the economic (and foreign policy) mess, that's another matter. And yes, good luck to him. I hope he does well, because all of us need that.

Kati Ryan said...

This a hilarious post. Great work!

Anonymous said...

I say Andrew Jackson. Right down in New Orleans, at the Absinthe House. Oh yeah!