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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Philly Beer Week 1 month away

I've cut back my involvement in Philly Beer Week this year -- for family reasons, not business -- but I'm still in a few things. Like two events at the Grey Lodge: the Wheat Beer Breakfast on March 7 (9-1, pay as you go, a great prelim to the big Craft Beer Festival) and our Upstate Beer Tasting on March 8 (5-8, also pay as you go). (Scoats and I will be headed upstate to gather the beers that week, and wouldn't you love to be a fly in the car for that one?)

I'm also hosting another event right after the Wheat Beer Breakfast (so if you couldn't get (or didn't want) tickets to the Craft Beer Festival, this is perfect for you), also in the Northeast, but it's not official yet so, I can't talk about it (except to say that it's a German and German-style beer event at the Blue Ox Bistro featuring some great German food and goodies from right across the street at Rieker's Prime Meats (if you've never been there, you're crazy nuts), 2-5, also pay as you go (and the smoked beer and smoked meat is gonna rock).

Which is a great Team Superfleisch lead-in to the other event I'm participating in, The Klash of the Kaisers at Triumph Old City, a no-holds-barred pilsner competition and tasting. This is the best Philly Beer Week memorial to Triumph brewer and craft lager pioneer Jay Misson that we could think of, and the line-up will include a pilsner from Jay's hand-written recipe, brewed at Triumph by Patrick Jones and Flying Fish brewer Casey Hughes. Any kind of pilsner -- Bohemian, German, Frisian, imperial -- is welcome, and we'll have a "pro" judging in the afternoon and a people's choice in the evening; both straight-up "do you like this" judging, not "strict to style" fascism. Pay as you go, 6-9, Thursday March 12.

And that's about it for me this year. I'll probably see some of you at some other events, and I would urge you to check things out thoroughly this year: there are some that are very different and sure to be entertaining.


J T. Ramsay said...

I won't be able to make any Philly Beer Week events proper, but I'm going to spend my evenings at Memphis Taproom to try as much as I can.

Rich said...

Philly Beer Week has been getting some good chatter on The Brewing Network recently (which is west coast based). I think last year's was a big success and it looks like this years will be killer. I just wish I could go.

It's one of those things where you wish you had a pause button for the family. You could hit your pause button and go do your beer thing then come back in a week and everything would be just as you left it. Doesn't quite work that way unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Philly beer week? Damn, where was this 55 years ago. A little late for me.

Anonymous said...

Aw Raspberries Hohenadel, nobody would drink your lousy beer anyway

Anonymous said...

If its not Bud Light what the hell do you know.
Bud Man