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Saturday, May 30, 2009

IPAllapolooza -- VIII

Couple more -- three, actually -- IPAs...of sorts.

First up, Boulder Mojo Rising DIPA. A very hefty, solid DIPA, big-bodied, aromatic, robustly bitter. Maybe too hefty; there was almost too much body here, although it never went sweet-flabby on me. Cathy really liked this one.

Next: Thomas Hooker Hop Meadow IPA. Now, this one I really liked. Fresh, clean, hoppy yet not overbearing, and a great brisk finish that begged for another sip. I'd go for more of this, a lot more.

Finally, later, after an old friend stopped by and we wound up on the deck, drinking beers and listening to the neighbor kids underage-drinking back on the ballfield (okay, I didn't know for sure they were drinking, but I have faith that they were), we opened a bottle of Green Flash Le Freak, one of those so-called Cali-Belgique beers (that are really an excuse to overhop just one more kind of beer, mom...please?), a tripel/IPA fusion. It's arresting: big nose of hops and weird phenolic fruit, a lava-like heavy body spiked with a bitterness that doesn't seem to meld with the malt, and a muddled finish. I did not like this one much. Kind of like putting Plochman's Chicago Fire Tabasco Mustard on sushi. Two good things do not always make a third good thing when combined.


Alan said...

Are you going to have a Sierra Nevada Torpedo as part of this series? I picked a six up last time I was over in Oswego a couple of weeks ago and for the price (even with the tax hit at the border) it's great IPA value - especially with the 7.2% strength.

Lew Bryson said...

The IPA spinner goes round and round, Alan, where it stops I truly do not know. Ask Uncle Jack.

Alan said...

OK - I am intrigued by the Uncle Jack thing but certainly do not claim to comprehend that relationship you guys share. Do you guys have matching sweaters 'n' stuff or is it more like your high school football teams hated each other?

Ask him about Stone Levitation while we are at it. 4.4% and big hops should serve both masters.

Jonny said...

I think Mojo Rising is a bit explosive; good, though.