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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

JoBoy's Brew Pub in Manheim

Well... I thought I was done with Pennsylvania Breweries 4th edition. Turns out I was wrong! JoBoy's Brew Pub opened April 1 (not an April Fool's joke!) in Manheim, in the old Summy House location. I talked to Kyle, my editor at Stackpole about it. The manuscript was already late -- my fault! -- but Kyle let me get this one last place in; Thanks, Kyle!

So I dropped in on the way back from the PLCB hearings in Harrisburg yesterday (more on that soon). The beer was good, very good for less than two weeks in business: clean, distinct, flavorful. The barbeque was impressive indeed; real hardwood-smoked, low and slow, 14 hours for the pulled pork. And Jeff and Jo are the real thing, open, friendly, sincere. But Jeff's working real hard already just to keep up with beer demand; he's working with a half-barrel SABCO system, like the old Mystic brewpub outside of Reading. That's why they're not open Sundays and Mondays: he needs both days to brew. Definitely worth a stop: this is real North Carolina 'que, with vinegar-based sauce, Memphis sauce, and dry rub (all their own make), fresh-made guacamole and salsa (their own make), and smoked cabbage (really!) and the soon-to-be-famous Atomic Buffalo Turds (you'll have to get some).

I snapped a picture of Jeff with the SABCO brewery, and the iPhone shows me a thumbnail of the picture, but otherwise refuses to admit it exists. Until I can resolve this, I got no pix; sorry!


Rich said...

Wow! This is amazing, can't wait to try this place out. A new brewpub right under my nose and I had no idea.

David said...

I stopped by this past Saturday. They have some great food. Beer had some great flavor but they were desperately trying to force carbonate it as they got their full license that friday and got slammed and had basically no beer left.

I look forward to visiting this place many more times.

Sam Komlenic said...

Though I know you have your reasons,
I prefer the spelling "'cue" since it makes more sense as a fragment of a word, or even as a whole word. Get it? Bar-be-CUE! "Que" should really be pronounced "kway." Ain't never had no Bar-be-KWAY. Bar-B-Q is also acceptable in this here country. You French, maybe?

Yes, I know, get a life! Hope to stop there this Wednesday.

Lew Bryson said...


1. I am not getting in the middle of an argument over this style of cooking; been there, not pretty.

2. People seem to get as torqued over the spelling as they do over the cooking.

3. Can't we just eat the meat?

4. That's how they spell it at JoBoy's. So that's how I spelled it.