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Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Trappist Arkansas!

More Amazing News! One-time Philadelphia brewer Tom Cizauskas (first brewer at Manayunk Brewing) has scooped famed Belgian beer explorer Chuck "I've Been There...Twice" Cook with news of an 8th Trappist Arkansas! Tom has an excerpt from a soon-to-be-published story on the brewery on his excellent website here.


Anonymous said...

What's the brewery mascot going to be?

An Armadillo or Opossum?

Anonymous said...

Only a FOOL would believe that. April Fools!!

Chuck Cook said...

Hey Lew,

Tom was mistaken.

I've already been there five times, and have 5,000 photos from the visits.
I'll have a 200 page book on the Abbey and brewery out next month!!
Cheers, Chuck

Lew Bryson said...

I'm shocked that you would visit a non-Belgian brewery, Chuck! Not about the 5,000 photos, though...


Zymurczar (Rich Ireland) said...

What ever happened with the Monastic brewery that was supposed to open in New Mexico? It was supposedly a partnership between Pecos Benedictine monastery and the Monastery of Christ in the Desert.