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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ABC taking a New Road to Collegeville

Uncle Jack is reporting on the Beer Yard site (here) that Appalachian Brewing Company hopes to be opening their third satellite operation this May at the former site of the New Road brewpub in Collegeville (that would be the brewpub where Brian O'Reilly began his local career). According to what Artie Tafoya told Jack, the plan will be like that in the Camp Hill ABC brewpub: small (5.5 bbl.) system to do specialties, main beers coming down from the massive mothership in Harrisburg, total of about 15 beers available.

Ah....karma. It will be good to have that building cleansed of the dopey crap that took place (outside the brewhouse!) there under the New Road regime. Kick ass, ABC.


Unknown said...

Nice title. :)

I live and work in the area, and am pretty thrilled to have yet another craft beer choice available to me.

That said, since I live and work in the area, I'm concerned for them about the location choice (not that there's much choice in the area!). The last two (three, sort of?) businesses since New Road didn't survive, and I'm pretty sure much of it was lack of visibility (er, location). And some of it was timing.

The building is just off the main path, behind a diner. It's odd-looking, and the parking isn't obvious. I hope Collegeville allows them an actual sign on Main Street for advertising. They're doing this big "revitalize main street" campaign, so I would HOPE they can do this.

On the plus side, you have name recognition and a successful business backing, and immediate inventory available. Serious beer drinkers will find this building and frequent it - no matter where it is. So, instant customers.

Collegeville/Trappe is, frankly, hurting after the newer, bigger, flashier buildings of the past few years were constructed in neighboring towns, and businesses felt the sting.

We need a kick like this in the area!

Time to learn my ABCs!

Anonymous said...

ABC is the BEST!!!! I am a fan of the Gettysburg location..great staff and great beer!!!! I also visit Collegeville often...bring it on!!!!! That would be great!!

Anonymous said...

Another spark due to ABC coming to Collegeville is the Craft Beer Bus tour business.
They will take you to ABC, Sly Fox and Iron Hill for a V.I.P., behind the scenes tour of each facility's brewing operation AND provide samples of three different styles at each location.
Hopefully this new venture will help introduce folks to ABC as well as the other local micro-breweries in the Collegeville area.