Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Designing your own Tramp Stamp

The Old Eagle Tavern is doing an event with Massachusetts's Clown Shoes Brewery on March 29th that you need to get to work on right now. Clown Shoes is known for their Tramp Stamp "Belgian" IPA, and Old Eagle is having a 'tramp stamp competition.' Design your own tramp stamp tattoo (or ass antlers, if you prefer, and let me tell you, this post is taking me places I never thought the blog would go...) design and get them in by March 25th: email digitals to , or drop them off at the Tavern (on 8.5X11 (or smaller) paper, not folded, and "must be camera ready"). Remember to include your name, email, and phone. Phone number, that is; no bribing with electronics. The "stamps" should incorporate beer, or Clown Shoes, or the Old Eagle, or something like that, eh?

An example for ya.

Winners will be awarded on March 29th at 7 PM at the Old Eagle. The two winners will be chosen by (1) the Clown Shoes people; and (2) 'likes' on the Old Eagle Facebook page, and will get gift baskets of beer stuff (good stuff, too). Finally, and the real reason I posted this -- other than an excuse to say 'ass antlers' -- there will be temporary tattoos available of the winners! I encourage you not to think about me putting one on. Oops, too late!

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