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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

American Beer Blogger: Emmy Nominee!

My reaction at the news of the Emmy nomination.
Got a call last night from Rudy Vegliante, the producer of American Beer Blogger -- do you remember that? The TV show I did, the Kickstarter funding campaign, the editing, voiceovers, last-minute re-shoots at Stoudt's? And then one little night of airtime on WLVT, which despite lots of calls and support seemed to think we didn't reach their "core audience"...

Well, clearly someone besides Rudy and John and the crew and me liked the show. It's been nominated for a regional Emmy (Mid-Atlantic region) in the Entertainment/Program-Special category, one of three nominees this year. Here's the full list; we're on page 8, category #20.

A nomination may push things along a bit, and maybe, maybe get us another shot at some airtime. If we actually win -- awards are September 22 -- that could get leverage for some more shows. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Congratulations to Rudy, John, and the whole crew, and much thanks to the people at Stoudt's for all their assistance!


mmheisinger said...

Congratulations on the nomination Lew and crew. Here's hoping it wins.

Steven said...

Outstanding! Congrats all around.

Brian Welch said...

That's awesome, congrats Lew! I don't get the channel the show aired on but I did get the DVD in the mail because of the Kickstarter campaign. Great stuff!