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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dogs and Tröegs at the Beer Yard (and TND, too)

Uncle Jack sent this earlier today (and supplied the first photo), and I'll happily pass it along. Big Matt Guyer is a dog person, as are the Trogner Bros, Uncle Jack, and I, and we hope you'll consider this charity beer event. 
Beer Yard, Tröegs Brewing and Teresa's Next Door Team Up To Support SPCA
Last year: Matt G, back left; Big Dan Bengel center; and Jack's Buddy, lying down
Once again, The Beer Yard, Tröegs Brewing and Teresa's Next Door are offering their customers and fans a chance to enjoy great beer and food at a Saturday afternoon celebration benefiting the local SPCA, held in the Beer Yard parking lot. The event runs from 1-4PM on Saturday, Sept 1.Attendees will enjoy a wide variety of Tröegs beers and tasty treats from the grill set up by Teresa's Next Door. A free logo pint glass (while they last) will accompany every case of Tröegs sold and $5 from every case sold throughout the entire weekend will go to the Delco SPCA. That same deal applies to every check at TND for the weekend on which a customer writes "SPCA," so it's a party that just keeps on keepin' on right through Labor Day.
You'll be proud to tell your canine companions you fact, they're invited as well, just so long as they are on leashes). It's going to be a barkin' good time.
I'd be there with the Corgis, but we're spending the weekend with family. Get on out there and drink for the dogs!
Please fill this cooler with beer for us dogs.

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