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Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy New Beer's Day!

Ah, Repeal.

We're celebrating 75 years since the return of sanity in America this year, and it starts on April 7: New Beer's Day. Beer got a jump on the actual repeal of the 18th Amendment, which didn't happen until 8 months later: Congress, with the willing blessing of FDR, jiggered the Volstead Act to classify 3.2% ABW beer as non-intoxicating, making it legal for sale, and the nation -- well, 20 forward-looking states and the District -- whooped it up accordingly.

The folks at Tröegs have made an occasion of it, and they are doing it up right: beer, beer, and more beer -- some of it under the 3.2 limit, oh sweet Session Beer -- and they've asked me to come up and open the celebration with a short lecture on how we got into the whole Prohibition mess, and how we got out of it.

It's at the brewery on Friday, April 11, beginning at 7:30. Tickets are $25 in advance, $40 after April 8 (and at the door), and all proceeds benefit the Historical Society of Dauphin County. (The cost of the ticket covers the food, entertainment, and the benefit: beers are $3 for the regular Tröegs lineup and $5 for the specialty beers; more details here.)

Come on up and join me in a toast to the moderate, healthy, wonderful joys of beer!


Anonymous said...

Lew, thanks for coming up to Harrisburg, the "T" that is the heart of PA appreciates your effort. If you have had enough Troegs and Appalachian, try the Brewhouse Grill on the West Shore. The West shore meaning the other side of the Susquehanna, over in Camp Hill / Lemoyne. Just don’t use the Google Maps or Map Quest map, look for R.F. Fager Plumbing supply. If you stick around into Saturday swing by Scotzin Brothers ( homebrew supply.

Rich said...

Lew, this looks awesome and I saw it in my inbox a few days ago. Is the beer included or just the food? I might have to see if the wife lets me out of the house for this.

Lew Bryson said...

Looks like just the food, Rich...but you might want to ask at the brewery. Actually...I'll do that myself, and post the answer here. The bulk of the money, of course, goes to supporting the Historical Society.

Lew Bryson said...


I'd be happy to get around more, but this one's just going to be an in-and-out, up the Turnpike, do the gig, and head home. Thank God for 42 MPG in the diesel.

Anonymous said...

Lew, you oughta think about publishing that particular talk.

Anonymous said...

Im there!! What a great idea! What a great event! Find me a staw hat!!