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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Memphis Revisited -- with food

After judging at the Manayunk beer festival again this year (1st -- Rock Bottom KoP IPA; 2nd -- Stoudt's Maibock; 3rd (tie) -- Legacy Hoptimus Prime and Tröegs Troegenator; and we may or may not have given an Honorable Mention to the Triumph Rauchbock, I had to leave and that was the talk as I bolted), I GPS'd my way across new (to me) areas of Philly, past folks selling used stoves on the sidewalk, to Memphis Taproom again. I felt the need to sit and decompress, and have a bite to eat.

I got me a Tröegs Sunshine Pils and the "King Rarebit," a chunk of solid bread with two fried eggs and cheese/ale sauce, with a small side of the delicious fries. I was enjoying this when in walked Uncle Jack Curtin and his posse: Dan & Kelley Bengel and Steve and Joy Rubeo. After much loud helloing and hand-shaking and hugging, they all got Sprecher Black Bavarians and we chatted. The King Rarebit cheese sauce was nicely funky, good stuff, and it made a great pick-me-up on a cool afternoon.

Then a bunch of damned beer judges walked in, all from the prelim rounds of the AHA national competition taking place at Yards this weekend, and there was Lyle Brown, a buddy I'd already given up on having a beer with because of schedules. Turned out they'd decided to swing over to Memphis Taproom instead of Standard Tap (they found the selection of beer ho-hum there last night...jaded), and they all got the Poperinge Hommelbier (Brendan told me he was on his fifth keg of this beer since Tuesday, his fastest seller). We all talked, but then I had to run. A pleasant late-afternoon encounter...I think I'm going to be at this bar a lot.


TC said...

I cannot recommend the Beef and Onion Pasties highly enough. That's some of the best edibles I've ever had. They've got a small menu there, and so I can confidently say that I intend to literally eat the entire thing.

Anonymous said...

Damn wish I had a place like that close to me.

Interesting if true but so what fact for you Lew, not only have I started Homebrewing (with pretty decent results) I am also taking a Beer Judge class with George DiPiro(sp).

So, I am working my way up the beer ladder as it were.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see some love for KoP's IPA, I think it is some pretty tasty stuff. Briskly hoppy, but very well balanced.

However, I'm not quite as big a fan of the Black Bavarian. However, I am apparently in the minority (big time) on that one.

Lew Bryson said...

It was a hard decision between the pasties and the rarebit. Interesting items to see on a menu. The kielbasa is local, and Spanky refused to tell us where from; said the guy is already making as much as he can.

Bill, learning from George is a serious crash course. He's very good, and obsessive by his own admission.

Matt, complete agreement on the IPA. Very nice beer.

Dan Bengel said...

I agree. A trip to Port Richmond to pick up some polish stuff and then off for some "secret" food and beer here. Price is sure right.

Anonymous said...

Why are we damned?

I was actually quite thrilled that someone suggested the Memphis rather than somewhere else. I'd never even heard of the place before, and I can't wait to get back over there.

Lew Bryson said...

Oh, it wasn't you in particular, or even that you were beer judges! I just didn't expect a bunch of people I knew or was essentially colleagues with to show up in the half hour I was at a place that had only been open five days. It was more good-natured exasperation than anything else.

I think the Memphis is going to that kind of place.

Anonymous said...

What a delightful place and wonderful atmosphere the beer was out of this world the ipa so sweet and refreshing everyone was so pleased with the whole event and the grand time had by all must admit might of had a few to many black bavarian..all kidding aside lew thought you had some balls....

Anonymous said...

You know, I could've sworn that there was a little smiley after that... oh well, here it is belatedly:


I actually thought it was pretty cool walking in there and seeing you at the bar. Unexpected, and I wish I'd had time to speak to you a bit before you left. Yeah, I think it's going to be that kind of place indeed, and word is going to travel fast.

I wish we'd stayed longer - we left not long after you did, and unfortunately I had no time to sample the menu. The aromas in there were astounding... I think I'll pop back in one night this week and have some supper and sample some more from the beer list.

Unknown said...

Hey Lew...I guess I just missed you. Uncle Jack and Big Dan were still causing trouble when I arrived.

They borderline had to be dragged out of there after sampling 75% of the lineup. just kidding...kind of;)

I agree with the frequency comment. I, too, will be there...alot.

The combination of Spanky's witticisms and their well thought out offerings (both in bites and brews) should bring many patrons back again and again.

Brad said...

Poperinge Hommelbier on tap?