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Friday, May 23, 2008

Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA

Ahhhhh.... Hippy chick.

Elysian is not just an amazing set of brewpubs in Seattle; they're doing bottling, too. God bless 'em, they sent me a sample of their Avatar Jasmine IPA, and I finally felt de-allergized enough to try it tonight; a beautiful late afternoon/early evening that is just begging for a fire out back, and I'm gonna give in, me and my gal and some whiskey.

But that's later. Right now, we're grilling up some vegetables and a mustard-glazed pork roast (Temeraire Mustard, damn, get some, and it's great slow-roasted on the grill), and I figured, let's get some of that Avatar going.

It's an IPA that's been dry-flowered with jasmine flowers. What the hell? I'm not sure what it might go with, other than cheese and maybe fruit, but it's striking. The jasmine hippy character gets some firmness from the solid bitterness, and it all works out by the end...mostly. Cathy likes it, though she's "not sure why I like it." I find the flower and the bitter together a bit jarring. The aroma's great, with the flower floating through the malt smell, but that contrast of bitter and flower is not doing it for me.

I'm looking for something crisper in an IPA; the base may be, but the flowers blunt it. Still, it's different enough that those who like it will like it. Worth a try, if only for the mind-expansion it may bring.


Anonymous said...


The "E" bottles a ton of stuff in both 12's and 22's.......and in Seattle you can buy single bottles almost everywhere (but of course there's a tremendous shop on 45th St just up the road a bit from Big Time in the U district) in Wallingford.....

Oh those darn PLCB laws......



Anonymous said...

I have had ongoing arguments with friends about how good this beer is... seems people either love it our hate it (I love it). Elysian rocks BTW- if you're ever in the area for their pumpkin beerfest check it out- you will not find a larger of selection of pumpkin beers (including lavender pumpkin saison and smoked pumpkin porter, not to mention their "pumpkin conditioned" real ale). -Rob in Portland, OR

Anonymous said...

Elysian was at Nodding Head on Tuesday of Beer Week, and the Jasmine IPA was one of the kegs they brought. Although I agree that it's different, I love this beer. Not quite an IPA, I agree, but still a great beer.

--Bruce, in Philly

Rick said...

Yes! I love the Avatar. Just a hint of jasmine over a nice pale.