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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Would you like a CD with that?

In case you missed hearing about it... One Guy Brewing (date-sensitive link) in Berwick is giving away CDs this Saturday. Really, giving them away, and they're real music. Between brewing jobs, Guy bought and sold CDs in a big way at eBay and flea markets (ask him about the Amish girl at the stand next to his...), and he's got a bunch of them left. Last time I was up I skimmed them and got a Patty Benatar compilation for my daughter, Fallout Boy for my son, and The Radiators "Law of the Fish" for me. Free. Like you can, this Saturday. He might have some of the Chinese flower petal art left, too: ask him.

Oh, and he's supposed to have more cask ale (dry-hopped with EKG this time), pilsner, Berwick Lager, and stout. All that, pizza from King's, and free CDs? Get your asses to Berwick!


Anonymous said...

I'm stopping by on Sunday on my way back from the Catskills. Hope there's something left (CDs and/or beer)!!!

Kevin said...

I am glad to see that Guy is doing casks. The brown ale he brought to the cask festival at Triumph was delightful. As for the Radiators they remind of the wierd crowd that used to meander their way from the Big Club (The larger of the two Italian clubs on the same block of County Line Rd. in Ardmore)to McGillicuddy's ( college and somewhat but not quite yuppie late 20's early 30's more or less clean cut Nova crowd) during intermission.