Friday, June 18, 2010

Devil's Den Saved Some Goodies for Dad

Leftovers from Philly Beer Week? Great planning? Patriarchal lovefest? I don't care, but Devil's Den just told me about some beers they're going to have on for Father's Day, and suddenly I think I'm going to have to have a talk with Cathy and the kids about where we're going on Sunday...check this out:
Brotherly Suds #1  - ESB brewed for Beer Week by Sly Fox, Yards, Stoudts, Troegs & Victory  - amber color, toasted toffee, caramel body, notes of dark fruits, citrus & pine hops. 6%
Russian River Registration Ale - IPA brewed for Philadelphia, golden color, light caramel malt body, strong grapefruit, citrus hops with mild spicy pine hops. 75 IBU  7.5%
Russian River Consecration  - dark sour ale brewed with brett, aged 8 months in Cabernet barrels with currants added, garnet color, sharp, with funky notes of dark fruits & oak. 10%
Port Brewing-Lost Abbey 4th Anniversary Ale  - strong pale ale, hazy amber, toasted malt body, touches of caramel & spice with big juicy citrus hops & alcohol warmth. 10%
Not bad, eh? Maybe it's true what people were saying: Every week is Beer Week in Philly.


Anonymous said...

that consecration sounds nasty.

Unknown said...

You spelled "amazing" wrong.

Bart said...

Hey Lew with that list you might as well hop on a plane and land in Cali...Happy Fathers Day !

Lew Bryson said...

See, that's the good part, Bart: don't have to! We get all the good stuff here, without having to do the rest of it. (Not to mention, we get the Brotherly Suds!)

JohnM. said...

For those who might not have made to the DD event, looks as if TJ'sEveryday in Paoli is having a similar event this coming Saturday (6/26). No brotherly suds or Lost Abbey, but they'll have registration ale and consecration, along with a few other interesting treats. Here's a bit more info for anyone who might be interested.