Monday, June 21, 2010

Go to Iron Hill Media Today -- Right Now

Just got the word: big Bob Barrar, the Medal Machine brewer of Iron Hill Media, is celebrating today's 10th anniversary of Media's opening with an Imperial IPA called Perfect 10. Here's the description:

A Full bodied Imperial IPA with ten things that make this beer perfect:
1. TEN different hop varieties
2. One Hundred and TEN IBU’s
3. TEN Percent ABV
4. TEN lbs. of Orange Blossom Honey per barrel
5. TEN lbs. of hops per barrel
6. TEN grams of servo (yeast nutrient)
7. TEN years of Media Brewing
8. TEN minutes in the Hop Back on 46 lbs. of hops
9. TEN years of Bob Barrar, Head Brewer
10.TEN year celebration of Media Hop Heads

Go get it, folks!


Bill said...

Being a non-hophead I would not walk across the street for this beer. Rather have a Pig Iron Porter.


Thomas said...

Ever since Deschutes post on their miscalculations of IBUs and over estimation is anyone else hesitant to believe any hop claims? I am sure it's a hoppy beer but unless I see a lab report I think IBUs are marketing hype.

This is the post I am referring to

That said it sounds like a beer worth trying.

Lew Bryson said...

No argument here, Thomas; I've thought that for years, but everyone keeps calculating and claiming. Cheers to Deschutes!