Monday, June 14, 2010

Wha' happen?

Well, it was Philly Beer Week, right? Sorry, a lot went on this week. I'm behind...again. Part of the reason is that Maud had surgery and I've been worried and occupied with that; part of it is that my father's having surgery today. I'll get back on it.

Meanwhile, I just got the latest attempt to co-opt bloggers: a "creative writing contest" open to bloggers. In 300 words or less, we're invited to describe -- well, "an event", we'll say, that just happens to feature this company's product. The best "entry" will win a prize. And, of course, the company will win gushing free blogger praise from all over. Happily, I'm not quite that stupid. No writing contests here.


Russ said...

That's not as bad as the offer I once received to have somebody contribute occasional posts to MY blog promoting THEIR products in exchange for compensation to be determined later. Apparently they didn't notice that my blog mainly consists of my homebrewing notes and any traffic generated thereby is purely incidental.

Hope your surgeries go/went well, Lew.

Bill said...

Best of fortune on Maud's and your dad's surgeries and convalescences. Take the tie that you and they need.