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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bourbon, Beer and Bryson Festival: this Saturday...

Hey, a reminder: the Bourbon, Beer and Bryson Festival is this Saturday at the Allentown Brew Works! If you're thinking about going, well, the weather's going to be great: low 80s, sliding into the 60s as the night goes on. The event starts at 5:00, and there's plenty o' bourbon:
  • Buffalo Trace, the Eagle Rare Single Barrel, and Blanton’s Single Barrel, which I'll be featuring in my tasting seminars.
  • Woodford Reserve and Gentleman Jack, which will be featured in the “Art of the Bourbon Cocktail” with mixologist Donna Scott.
  • Try the NEW Maker’s 46 stave-aged bourbon from Maker’s Mark (and Knob Creek).
  • 4 Roses Single Barrel, their 4 Roses Small Batch Bourbon, and the 4 Roses Yellow Label.
  • Three selections from Wild Turkey - Wild Turkey 101, Wild Turkey Rye, and Wild Turkey American Honey.
Great chance to try some excellent bourbons, right? (Have you had a shot at Four Roses? Had the Maker's 46 yet?) But this is a bourbon and beer festival, and you know what that means: rich, rolling barrel-aged beers. Brew Works master brewer Beau Baden will have a Bourbon Barrel Porter, a cask bourbon-aged beer, and a Cassis Lambic to work magic with the bourbon-laced food you'll be tasting. Bethlehem brewer Lewis Thomas will have an infused cask to tempt you. There will also be beers from Yards, Weyerbacher, and Stoudt's.

Plus ham, brisket, plantains, corn bread, and Pecan Foster...damn! It's not a huge fest, but you won't see many combos like this. Allentown Brew Works has a ton of room, it's a solid place, and if you haven't had Lewis and Beau's need to. Besides, folks: bourbon! Perfect bourbon weather, perfect bourbons, and we can all sit down and talk whiskey for a while. Oh, and a separate cigar cabana, with cigars supplied by Tobaco Village in Whitehall. It's $45 for the drinks and the food: pretty good deal! Tickets on sale here.

Come on out; I'll see you this Saturday.


    Mark Haynie said...

    I wish things were better for me right now, Lew. I would bring a whole contingent from down here. Sounds like a great time! Maybe you could do one at Tun Tavern?

    Erik Huntoon said...

    If this event gets repeated next year, I will absolutely drive out from Indianapolis. Sounds like an amazing time. Wish I could be there!

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Lew, Lion Brewery just released the their Gold Medal Beer in the new 16 ounce cans -- just in time for fall tailgating -- 18 pounders in a case $13 bucks -- fresh and tasty